Impact Story

Meet Kiyah Hopson!

Our name tells you where we are, but the impact of Girls Inc. of Memphis stretches beyond the city’s limits. Kiyah Hopson, a fourth-grader at Cordova Elementary School in Cordova is a perfect example. Kiyah came to Girls Inc. about a year ago, deciding to give it a shot after learning about all the “fun and thrilling activities” from a friend who is a current participant. It’s already had a profound impact on her.

Kiyah signed up for some of our virtual sessions in coding, homework help and media madness, hoping “to learn something new.” She had ideas of what these sessions might offer, but had no clue that she would be challenged to step outside of her comfort zone!

“I enjoy coding the most. It’s like a job,” Kiyah says. “You learn one thing and then it becomes a little more challenging as you master each level.”

Since her mom also codes, it makes coding that much more enjoyable as she learns the basics of what her mother does as a profession. Kiyah loves to help others, she says, but Girls Inc. has helped her focus that love.  “A goal of mine is to allow others to speak up,” she says, “and work with groups to learn more.”

In the future, Kiyah wants to become an interior designer, and says Girls Inc. can help her with sessions in design, leadership and–of course–coding!

At her core Kiyah is a fourth-grader with a competitive edge and an exciting future. Girls Inc. inspires her to be even more strong, smart and bold!

Want to help more girls like Kiyah? We invite you to make a gift today. And thanks for being in her corner!