Impact Story

Fun signals a new day

We were proud of our ability last year to quickly innovate and take our programs online. Both current Girls Inc. and new girls joined in the virtual sessions. But ask any girl or any Girls Inc. staffer—there’s no substitute for face to face interaction when it comes to the Girls Inc. Experience.

Our recent Spring Break Camp which included both virtual and outdoor in person programming was a reminder of how much our staff and girls have missed personal interaction. Four of the six girls featured here were brand new to Girls Inc. when they attended our hybrid spring break camp and we anticipate being busier than ever once doors are able to fully reopen.

These strong, smart, and bold 9 to 11-year-olds shared their favorite moments and insights on the final day of camp:

Madison Leaks – “I’ve learned that all these girls are really fun and I want to see them more. Like it’s great to be around them because I’m not usually around people that much now. They’re just like my old friends at my school.”

Shaniyah Harper – “They have a bunch of fun activities like kickball. We also played tag and we skipped rocks afterwards. I learned I’m very good at sports and I’m very flexible.”

Londyn Naylor – “I like how they teach you how to have fun and not be afraid to get dirty. This week I learned how to cook and I learned how to take care of my skin and my hair.”

Aaliyah Wilson – “Yesterday we were cooking and I thought I couldn’t cook and I actually cooked a great meal. My momma ate it, I ate it, and my grandmama ate it. It was very good. But I really thought I couldn’t cook. I thought I was going to burn something down.”

Kerigan Cooper – “We played kick ball and we had hair sessions. I learned to be myself and have fun.”

Mackenzie Suell – “I like that I can do activities with the girls and that it’s fun. I like doing the activities. I like yoga.”