At the Girls Inc. Youth Farm, we give girls the tools to be strong, smart & bold by hiring them to do the meaningful work of growing food on our 9.5-acre plot in Frayser.

At the farm, the girls will reap the rewards of growing healthy produce while engaging in social entrepreneurship, leadership and civic training with local leaders and through volunteer activities.

Our Girls Inc. Youth Farmers will become:

Strong: Healthy
  • Understanding healthy living in connection with ecology, food, and community
  • Re-defining and pre-defining “food” as primarily vegetables
  • Becoming aware of the correlation of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity with hunger and
Smart: Educated
  • Developing academic and leadership skills by running all aspects of their own community supported agricultural farm, farmers market, and resource center
  • Enhancing tactile skills, critical and systems thinking, and understanding of eco-systems management
Bold: Independent
  • Leading and engaging in civic and community activities
  • Developing confidence, perseverance, and resiliency through learning crop design, farm management, crop harvest and marketing of fresh food
  • Reducing urban blight by creating a vibrant and beautiful community space