As we continue our push to increase the number of girls in Memphis who receive Girls Inc. programming, we’re making big strides in local schools. With the help of our partners in the Shelby County Schools (SCS), the Achievement School District (ASD) and the Communities in Schools organization, we will soon be in 40 schools across Memphis.

For more information, email Sylvia Martinez or call her at 805-453-6411.

Schools currently offering Girls Inc. programming:

Aspire Hanley
Believe Memphis Elementary
Bellevue Middle
Booker T. Washington Middle School
Chickasaw Middle School
Cordova Middle
Delta Prep K-8
Dexter Elementary
Fairley High
Georgian Hills Elementary
Grandview Heights Middle School
Humes Middle
Lester Middle School
Ida B. Wells Elementary and Middle School
LaRose Elementary
Lucie E. Campbell Elementary School
Manassas High
Memphis Business Academy
Mt. Pisgah Middle School
MLK Prep High School
Treadwell Middle School