Impact Story

Meet Kaylnn Krueger

Listen to Kaylynn Krueger long enough and you’ll quickly realize that her favorite verb is “love.”

“I love school more than anything,” says 9-year-old Kaylynn, a fourth grader at Dexter Elementary. “I love to read. My favorite subjects are math and reading.

The word comes up as well when she discusses Girls Inc. of Memphis.

” I loved Girls Inc. since the first day,” Kaylynn says. “I admire my facilitator because of her personality. She is very loving, and kind and she has a way of making you smile. She is funny. There is never a down spot in her and she lights up my day every Tuesday!”

Kaylynn joined Girls Inc. a little over two years ago. Her experience has been full of growth, she says, because she’s learning things that otherwise would be unknown to her. She appreciates Girls Inc. for teaching her more about healthy practices and teaching her how to be a leader and stand up against bullies.

She has become much more confident in her time at Girls Inc. and hopes it will help her as she grows into a confident young woman. She sometimes struggles with stuttering in front of her class when reading out loud but she’s improving because of what she’s learning at Girls Inc.

“When I grow up, I want to be a nurse like my mom,” Kaylynn says. “I want to help people. I want to get better at my public speaking and I want to be a better person.”

Her time at Girls Inc., she says, will help her with that impressive to-do list. But Girls Inc. serves a much more elemental role, for Kaylynn and hundreds of other girls in Memphis.

“If someone is having a bad day,” Kaylynn says, “I would tell them to come to Girls Inc.”

Thanks to generous friends like you, girls like Kaylynn find safe places to learn and grow.

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