Thank you, FedEx and NIKE, for investing in girls!

Two of our longtime corporate sponsors recently reported on their giving in the Memphis community, and both reports featured, among many other great organizations, Girls Inc. of Memphis. We wanted to thank them as publicly as possible, so here goes!

First, from the FedEx Cares in Memphis report:

Girl’s Incorporated of Memphis inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Through employee designated giving,
volunteering, sponsorship and grants, FedEx has helped Girls Inc. increase the number of girls served by 200% over
the past three years. Girls in the program score significantly higher than peers in English and math and 100% of girls in the program graduate high school on time and enroll in post secondary education.

And then there’s this, from a report on the Nike Community Impact Fund:

Girls Inc. of Memphis, which serves more than 1,000 girls ages 6 to 18 each year through in-school, after-school and summer programs, is using its NCIF grant to support sports activities that bolster the self-confidence and personal growth of girls in the program.

“Without the collaboration between Girls Inc. of Memphis and Nike, our girls would not have had the opportunity to embrace the practice of yoga, tackle the sport of rugby and conquer fear by learning to swim,” says Lisa Moore, President and CEO, Girls Inc. of Memphis. “These experiences, along with golf, tennis and more, increased our girls’ activity level while building new life skills.”

Moore also says that the increase in sports programs at Girls Inc. of Memphis has led to 74% of participants being on sports teams. “Last year we were at 69%, so we’re proud of that increase. But it’s even more impressive when you consider that the national average for girls’ participation in sports is under 50%, and the average among all Girls Inc. locations is 56%.”

We are eternally grateful for ALL our corporate sponsors and investors. Thanks to all, including FedEx and Nike, for “hearing our voices” and helping us inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold!