Every year I spent in Girls Inc. was another year I was less afraid. Another year I was less sensitive. Another year where I was more me, and before I knew it, the shy, depressed little girl who walked into the big gray building on Robin Hood Lane eight years ago was gone. In her place stood a confident, independent, proud young woman who was more than ready to take on the world. I have no idea what my future will bring, but I do know that had Inot joined Girls Inc. eight years ago, it would not be nearly as bright.”


“My grandmother, Mertie Buckman, suggested I get involved with Girls Inc. of Memphis. From day one I knew it was making a difference in our city by providing girls the skills and self-confidence they need to be successful.”

-   --Kathy Buckman Gibson

“I’ve always been good in school and loved being involved in Girls Inc. I participated in a collaborative program with Hatiloo Theatre and it was then I found my voice. I realized what I want to do…I want to act! Since having my eyes opened through this experience, I’ve been in 3 Hatiloo productions and 5 White Station High School productions.”

-    --Kelsie

“Empowering girls and a new generation of women leaders is the global civil rights issue of our time. It takes a village to unlock a girl’s tomorrow in today’s world. Girls Inc. is one of the critical keys to opening that door for thousands of Memphis girls. I am a proud supported because I believe that it is men who have to step up when it comes to the current plight and future hopes of all the girls within our reach.”

-   --Rabbi Micah Greenstein

“I had no idea how much I could do and accomplish until I came to Girls Inc. Now I know I can build robots, interact with Congress people, I can be an entrepreneur, I can speak in public…I can do anything I put my mind to.”

-    --Jamaya

"When I began going to Girls Inc. I was too little to know or understand that I was heading on an amazing journey. At Girls Inc., I had many opportunities to grow and experience what I want to be in life. Early on at Girls Inc., I did not know what I wanted to do with myself. I guess you can say that I was a 'follower.' I can truly say that was not okay with the Girls Inc. mentors. I learned you do not have to follow, but you need to lead. Girls Inc. taught me that I do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations but my own. I now have confidence in myself and whatever I try to do. I am comfortable expressing myself which allows others to tell me how they feel. I can walk into a room where there is no one I know and feel comfortable talking and making new friends."


"Girls Inc. staff helped change my relationship with my mom through mother-daughter conferences. My mom realized that I needed her to be my mom, to tell me encouraging things, to appreciate me, and basically to make me know that she loved me. Finally I was able to overcome my home situation and my interpersonal conflict, and then I felt I was unbreakable. I became the outgoing, strong, smart and bold Girls Inc. girl that I am today.”





I was very shy and didn’t speak to anyone or interact with others much. I love to read, have natural hair, have been called weird. I came to Girls Inc. and because I was accepted the way I am, I came out of my shell. I tried new things, I have found my voice. - Rahni

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